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Lease, rent or buy multifunction photocopiers. We stock a large range of advanced photocopiers for any type of business, from smaller desktop photocopiers to fully featured. We will have a machine that suits you…

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First of all The Copier Shop is dedicated to providing exceptional photocopier services in Manchester and surrounding area; including leasing, rentals & repairs. With a group of experienced engineers based specifically in Manchester we are in prime position to support any businesses with rapid response times. To back this up we also have an experienced technical team, with more than 20 years of experience in their field, ready to provide remote support in the unlikely event that something goes wrong so you will always have the high quality service of our company if you need it. Whether you’re looking to lease or rent a new photocopier, or just want a service on your existing photocopier, The Copier Shop is here to help.
The Copier Shop offers a multitude of services, including maintenance and repairs as well as managed print costs for larger businesses. We even offer short term rentals perfect for film productions and special projects. Our specialty here at The Copier Shop is upgrading existing equipment and maintaining it to a high level of service, giving you the reliability you need for years to come. Feel free to browse our full range of brand new copiers, or check our packages page to see pricing options and we’ll find the copier that fits your business’ needs. If you’re having a problem with your photocopier equipment why not give The Copier Shop a call. Most of all we’re always happy to help our existing and new customers. We hope you will consider us when you’re looking, to replace your photocopier, or have your existing equipment serviced and repaired.

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