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Monochrome photocopiers, known loosely as black and white are photocopiers that only use one toner, black (k).

If your company print a lot of documentation and invoices which don’t require colour then investing in a black and white photocopier is going to beneficial for your business. The cost of printing in black and white is low which can save you money.

A black and white photocopier is a great choice for a business as they don’t require colour toner, therefore, they are cheaper to maintain.


Having a photocopier that prints out fast without the need to wait for it is a main focus for businesses. If your photocopier can keep up with your daily high volumes of printing then your business can run smoothly.


As well as speed, the life expectancy of your photocopier is also an important factor. You want your machine to be fast and also avoid breakdowns or jams.

Black and white photocopiers come in different categories which are partly decided by the speed of your device. Desktop, floor standing and fully featured. Also known as low, medium and high volume photocopiers.

Desktop black and white photocopiers which print up to 35 pages per minute. This would be fantastic for a smaller business as the machine would still have the speed to keep up with your workflow.

Next are the floor standing black and white photocopiers, these have a slightly higher volume when printing as they can produce between 35 and 5o pages per minute.

Finally, fully featured black and white photocopiers can print pages per minute from 50 to 100.

Choosing the right photocopier for your business is very important. If you are a business that doesn’t rely on high volumes of photocopying then a desktop black and white photocopier will be perfect for you. The same rule applies for the opposite size of business. Bigger companies that require more printing benefit from larger photocopiers.


Even though technology has been growing rapidly with black and white photocopiers, the price has decreased. Monochrome machines now have the ability to not only print, but also staple, fold, hole punch and even make booklets.


The brands we offer are Konica Minolta / Develop. Konica Minolta is a leading brand in the technology industry so having one of their photocopiers ensures you are up to date with photocopier technology.

They can be placed on a lease, this is a cost-effective way of saving by spreading the cost over 3 – 5 years, opposed to buying outright. Our Copyplan covers all toner replacements and ongoing maintenance as well as service calls.

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