Photocopier Leasing avoids tying up available capital on equipment that will lose value over a given period. The total capital cost is spread across the entire service life of the photocopier making it much easier to manage. Small quarterly payments let you choose better more suitable equipment or multiple machines at different sites or offices, using cost-effective packages.

On top of this, the lease payments can often be classified as a business expense, which makes them tax-deductible offering yet more savings to your business.

Leasing also makes it easier to upgrade your equipment to a newer version when the time comes. This is great for long-term leases, where the equipment is likely to reach the end of its serviceable life. It also works out well for newer businesses who may not be able to afford the equipment they really want at the start of the lease. Start out with a cheaper system and later upgrade to what you want.

On the whole, we believe that leasing offers the best solution to paying for office equipment for every business.

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