Which one is right for you?

Choosing the right photocopier for your business can be a challenging decision but by getting it right, you can save your company a lot of money. When choosing between a colour photocopier or a black and white photocopier you need to look at some factors.


Unlike monochrome photocopiers, you are able to print out in high quality colour. These may be known as colour copiers but they can also print out in black and white. Colour photocopiers use 4 toners: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black, also known as CMYK.

These 4 colours can produce a large variety of colours when you print allowing you to collect high quality copies from your photocopier.

Black & White:

Black & white photocopiers, also known as monochrome or mono machines, only use one toner when printing which is black (K). These photocopiers are fantastic for companies who print lots of invoices, worksheets and large text documents.

These businesses would find mono machines beneficial for their business as they would save them a lot of money. As they require no colour, the cost of toner replacements etc is brought right down.

Different Types of Photocopiers

Colour and black and white photocopiers come in different styles. The 3 main categories we stock and sell are desktop, floor standing and fully featured. You are able to purchase each style in black and white or colour, whichever suits your business.

A common desktop photocopier will print at speeds of up to to 35 pages per minute, which is a high amount for such a small machine. They are spacer savers as they will fit on the edge of a desk.

Floor standing machines tend to print at much faster speeds, a typical floor standing machine will do up to 50 pages per minute. This is brilliant for companies who require lots of volume without spending a lot on leasing. 

Finally, the fully featured machines. These machines are much bigger than the previous two and can be equipped with a variety of finishers such as booklet makers and stapling. Fully featured machines can print at speeds of up to 100 pages per minute making them an effective addition to an office workgroup who require high volumes of photocopying.


The price of black and white photocopiers has dropped significantly over the years making them cheap to lease. Even though the price has dropped, the technology used in the machines has continued to grow. Monochrome photocopiers now have the ability to perform like a colour photocopier with many finishing and scanning options available.

The cost of colour photocopiers is higher than monochrome however the benefits of purchasing a colour photocopier are very good. Many businesses need to print in colour as well as black and white so it is logical to spend a little bit more money.


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