Where it all started:

Develop is a brand of the large photocopier company known as Konica Minolta. The independent company was until 2012 a subsidiary of the 28,500-strong business technologies division of Konica Minolta Holdings, Inc. Although they were a large international company with distributors and resellers in more than 60 countries, since 2012 Develop is used as a brand but without being an independent company. Develop photocopiers are high quality and can produce copies at speeds of 4 seconds per copy.

Konica Minolta:

Konica Minolta, formed in 2003, is a Japanese company in the optical, medical and office equipment industry. In 2003 the two companies: Minolta Co Ltd and Konica Corporation, merged together to form Konica Minolta. The merger was completed in 2004. Both Konica and Minolta had years of experience in the industry with their own marketing and research strategies. As you can imagine merging two successful companies together to create a new brand was always going to work.

The Present Day:

Konica Minolta’s Develop is one of the leading brands in office equipment. Their careful research into the product has proven to allow them to create unique photocopiers which are eco-friendly and affordable for businesses. They also provide a modern look to them that maybe other photocopiers don’t offer.

The Develop photocopiers we stock at The Copier Shop are constantly being updated with the latest firmware so we are never behind the times. There are a lot of different sizes of machines which can benefit your business and cater to your business size. Also, the performance of the photocopiers is the highest quality to keep up with mass production when printing and copying.

Why Choose The Copier Shop?

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