To lease or rent a photocopier is a great way of saving large amounts of money for your business. Without having to downgrade your photocopier. Purchasing a photocopier outright can be an expensive outgoing for businesses with the prices of photocopiers ranging between £2,000 up to £14,000.

There are options on long and short term leases on photocopiers. It is a lot more cost effective than if you were to buy a photocopier outright. Moreover, when you lease via The Copier Shop you cover additional costs of service and maintenance by choosing our Copyplan service.

The Copier Shop’s Copyplan consists of replacing consumables, photocopier maintenance and engineers coming to your office for repairs etc.

What is photocopier leasing?

When you lease a photocopier, it allows you to spread the cost of the machine over 3 or 5 years. You pay a monthly price over the course, this means you dont have to make a full payment at the start. Photocopier leasing is beneficial regardless of size or turnover of a business.

Benefits of photocopier lease

  • You are able to afford a high end multifunction photocopier by paying a monthly price over3 – 5 years, rather than if you were to buy outright
  • You have the chance to upgrade your machine at the end of the lease
  • The monthly fees tend to be cheaper than the rental fees
  • The Copyplan covers all your maintenance, consumable and engineer repairs costs

Renting a photocopier instead of leasing

The flexibility of renting a photocopier is one of the major benefits. They can be arranged in a matter of days, and you are able to use one of our machines without committing to a 3 – 5 year contract.

Usually, companies who only need a photocopier for a small amount of time will choose a rental option.

For example, businesses that work on month long projects or productions would benefit more renting than leasing. As they could simply give it back at the end of their rent term.


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