Different Photocopiers for Different Industries

You may often wonder, do different industries require specific photocopiers? The answer to this would be yes, however it would be more towards the size of your business. The only industry that would require a different style of machine would be the construction industry. They may need to make plans for buildings so they would need a machine that is more for making plotted plans, for example, a Canon Plotter.


Other office-based businesses may need specific features and sizes of photocopiers. If you are a small law firm then you may need a desktop photocopier for your office. The desktop photocopiers still have a lot of features but are handy for companies who have smaller offices. These machines can handle high amounts of paperwork for small businesses, as well as being cheap to lease they are a fantastic addition to your workforce.

Next up are floor standing photocopiers, as the photocopiers get bigger in size the features improve and the photocopiers become more advanced. These machines are ideal for medium-large businesses, for example, Accountants who are located in the cities may require a machine that can handle more paperwork, opposed to one that is based in a small town or village.

Finally, the fully featured photocopiers are one of the biggest we stock. If you are a large company that constantly requires photocopying services throughout the day then this machine is perfect for you. As well as being able to handle large amounts of paper it also comes equipped with finishers like hole punching and booklet making as well as stapling. This is ideal if you ever need to make brochures for clients.

We also offer reconditioned photocopiers, these come in all the sizes above but are ex-rental machines. Although they have been used, they are well serviced, cleaning and thoroughly checked before being sent out to a new customer.

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