Why rent a photocopier when you can lease?

You may ask yourself this question if you are thinking about different ways to pay for a photocopier. A lease is a great way to save capital in your business by spreading the cost of a machine out over 3 – 5 years. However, the majority of photocopier companies, including ourselves, ask for good credit in order to set up a lease deal. This way they have some proof that you are eligible to pay the monthly fee. If you don’t have good credit then a rental scheme is always an option.

When you rent a photocopier from the Copier Shop you will not need to prove yourself with a credit score. Furthermore, this scheme is great for any smaller businesses or startup businesses who are unsure how quickly they are going to grow. The last thing you want to submit yourself to a long lease deal then struggle to pay each month or even worse borrow the money to pay it. With rental schemes you can use it for a short period of time, in the past, we have rented machines to TV productions as they only need the photocopiers for a short time whilst filming for printing out scripts.

The short-term rental plan allows you to cancel at any time, all of these aspects are discussed before going through with a rental plan so we know exactly what your business is like.

We specialise in Konica Minolta / Develop photocopiers. As these are one of the leading brands in the world of photocopiers we want to have the best and most up to date machines. The photocopiers are extremely modern, both modern looking but also in technology. Our rental machines come in different sizes, which is great for businesses because no business is the same right?

You will have the opportunity to upgrade or add to your rental photocopier at any time. If you feel you need something a little bit better or more up to date then we are always happy to guide you. Our expert sales team, who know the industry inside out, will always be on hand to give you advice on which machine will be right for you. They will also guide you to different avenues when it comes to upgrading, which can inevitably save you money