Floor Standing Photocopiers

Below you can find a selection of floor standing photocopiers, which are ideal for mid-range businesses or those with a moderate level of photocopying in Manchester.

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Konica Minolta/Develop Ineo+ 308 - Floor Standing Photocopiers in Manchester

Konica Minolta/Develop Ineo+ 308 Photocopier / Scanner / Printer / FaxView Product

Simple to use and with the great economic value the Develop Ineo+ 308 Photocopier is perfect for any office. Not only does it carry the impressive features of earlier models, but it is also outfitted with new mobile print software. With both cloud print and NFC options, this enables any user to print from their mobile device directly to the printer. This new feature makes the Develop Ineo+ 308 Photocopier the photocopier for a modern office.

From £53.71 Per Month

Konica Minolta/Develop Ineo+ 368 - Floor Standing Photocopiers in Manchester

Konica Minolta/Develop Ineo+ 368 Photocopier / Scanner / Printer / Fax

Easy to use and with a great economic value, the Develop Ineo+ 368 Photocopier is the perfect photocopier for all your office needs. Outfitted with Develop’s new mobile print software including both cloud print and NFC options this enables any user to print from their mobile device directly to the printer. With these new features, the Develop Ineo+ 368 Photocopier really is the photocopier for the modern office.

36 Pages Per Minute

From £73.63 Per Month

Floor standing photocopiers are perfect for all sizes of offices. They can be situated anywhere in an office to maximise space as well as having the functionalities of a fully featured photocopier. The easy to use operational system of the photocopiers means there is no need for hours of learning. They also have great economic value.

Is this machine right for you?

You need to be sure that the photocopier you’re buying is perfect for your business. Our sales team can provide you with all of the information you need about floor standing copiers, this will help you decided whether these size of machines will benefit your business. These photocopiers are good for small-large sized businesses who use a steady amount of paper in their office, this would include making photocopies, printing new sheets etc. Don’t hesitate to give us a call, we can guide you the correct way.


When leasing a photocopier you have a huge opportunity to save capital, which can be invested back into your business. You are able to spread the cost of a machine over 3 or 5 years, this is a great way for any business who doesn’t want to spend large amounts of money outright on a photocopier. We have the higher end machines available for lease as well.


If your business is new you may be unsure how quickly it is going to grow. The rental schemes we offer are really beneficial for businesses who may not have good enough credit to meet the requirements for a lease, but at the same time have a floor standing photocopier in the office. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to add to or upgrade your current rental photocopier.


The final option for business is purchasing outright. People who pay outright may have a lot of investment into their business, also they may want to reduce monthly outgoing costs.

Why the Copier Shop?

We have exceptional customer service, the customer always comes first. Sometimes buying a photocopier from a high-end store can seem like you are getting a good deal, but then the service after the purchase may slack. Using a family run business has benefits from the minute you decide to ring, to installing your photocopier and then maintaining it.

Furthermore, we offer a copyplan with every photocopier.  This cost covers your maintenance, replacement of ink/toner and over the phone support. The savings you make through having a copyplan is worth paying a little bit more on the machine.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask us, our friendly sales team will be happy to answer your queries.

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