Samsung Smart Interface Photocopiers

Innovation has always been Samsung’s aim no matter what field of technology it is applied too. This has been taken in mind with the design of Samsung’s new range of multifunctional office devices. The aim was to create intuitive devices using new smart interfaces and cutting edge mobile devices to make office tasks even quicker. The smart interface functions in the same manor as a Samsung tablet PC using the Android operating system. This means direct web access through your photocopier meaning fast printing of online resources and near infinite extension of functionality via the Samsung printing app store. As a result of this Samsung’s new range of photocopiers can adapt as your business grows through the use of online resources to complete every task.
So what exactly are the planned extensions and how can they help you. Well initial ideas include altering the way we scan documents. Currently most companies use a system of either scanning documents onto emails or to a folder on their computer. However app development may allow you to use third part cloud storage programs as scan locations or similar. This means that if you want to share a document with other members of the business you no longer have to waste time sending emails. Simply scan to your cloud destination and everyone can access the file straight away.

Photocopier Range