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Konica Minolta/Develop Ineo+ 754e Photocopier / Scanner / Printer, A4/A3, Colour

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Konica Minolta/Develop Ineo+ 754e Photocopier / Scanner / Printer, A4/A3, Colour

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As a multifunctional photocopier, the Develop Ineo+ 754e Photocopier is remarkably intuitive to use and has a wide variety of features to carry out everyday office tasks. The Ineo+ 754e has a great speed both on printouts and on copying. The simplicity of the device helps to save time on everyday office tasks and ultimately help boost productivity. The photocopier has a smartphone-style operating panel helping people to intuitively understand the device, this makes it easy to access a variety of functions. With a wide range of finishing options the Ineo+ 754e can adapt to perform almost any office task required be it stapling, hole-punching or booklet making the Ineo+ 754e will do them all at the click of a button.

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Product Description

The Develop Ineo+ 754e Photocopier is an outstanding photocopier, not only with an exceptional printing speed of 75 pages per minute but also in terms of controlling what happens before or after the print job. The Develop Ineo+ 754e Photocopier has great flexibility in terms of media production, the photocopier can be used to do anything from producing forms and postcards right up to 1.2 metre banners. A large 9-inch colour display contains Develop’s customisable menu, which can be adapted to ever users specific needs.

Customisable Panel

In almost every office there is likely to be a number of departments all with different requirements in a printer and photocopier. That’s where the Develop Ineo+ 754e Photocopier’s customisable operating panel comes in, this is a system perfect for multi-user offices. Every single user can hand-pick their own wide range of features and functions, specific to their job, to create their very own operating panel.

Fast and Efficient

The Develop Ineo+ 754e Photocopier prints at an impressive 75 pages per minute(ppm), this means that it can easily handle any large volume job in a fraction of the time of any other photocopier. The increased print speed also means smaller print queues on centralised or shared photocopiers. The 75ppm print speed is even maintained on duplex prints, this again saves on both time and paper consumption on high-volume jobs. This speed doesn’t only apply to printing either, the Develop Ineo+ 754e Photocopier can copy at 180 images per minute. All this makes for a great office experience, with much less time spent at the photocopier and more time getting what you need done.

Flexibility in Finishing

Given the amount you’re likely to be investing in a photocopier, you want it to produce the product that you want. This means not only producing high quality printouts quickly, but also producing the booklets you need and folding it the way you want. The Develop Ineo+ 754e Photocopier has a wide range of options available to you be it simple stapling or professional booklet making, it will even tri-fold letters to fit your envelopes. This means that any jobs you previously outsourced can now easily be produced in-house.

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