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Develop Ineo 223 Photocopier / Scanner / Printer, A3, Mono

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Develop Ineo 223 Photocopier / Scanner / Printer, A3, Mono

From £45.00 Per Month

The Develop Ineo 223 Photocopier combines the attractive features of a colour copier such as colour scanning with the low price per page of a traditional black & white photocopier. With smooth gray scale gradations & an intuitive full-colour touchscreen the Develop Ineo 223 Photocopier is both easy to use and ideally suited to a higher volume office. Alongside this you can still have many of the finishing options available to the colour photocopiers making the 223 an excellent proposition for monochrome printing.

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Product Description

The Develop Ineo 223 Photocopier is built using the same high standards are its colour copier counterparts. This means that even though the copies are monochrome you can still expect an exceptional level of detail to the replications. Alongside this the Ineo 223 also still features a full colour scanner, with an exceptional scan speed of up to 70 pages per minute. This gives you the advantage of being able to work with full colour documents digitally while maintaining the price point of a monochrome device. With the option for multiple paper trays with different media in each you can also use the Develop Ineo 223 Photocopier to complete a wide range of tasks without user intervention.

Quality Prints

The Develop Ineo 223 Photocopier features a smooth gray scale gradation, this allows it to faithfully reproduce think lines, small text & small characters. Even light colours which were previously an issue for monochrome copiers are efficiently copied. With the Develop Ineo 223 you can be assured of perfect replications from the very first copy to the last, with an impressive 1,800 x 600 dpi resolution.


Just like all Develop & Konica photocopiers the Develop Ineo 223 offers a wide range of finishing options. This includes folding, stapling & hole punching for a wide range of printable media. Alongside this you’ll get the usual functions of a finishing unit to sort your documents meaning you can print exactly what you need and all to the same photocopier.


The Develop Ineo 223 Photocopier is made for network integration, as well as offering a print solution for everybody to use the Ineo 223 will also improve work-flow as a whole. By integrating with your network the Develop Ineo 223 can be used to scan documents to any user, as well as receive documents from any user and even store documents in a built in user box for later printing. The makes the Ineo 223 versatile enough for any working office.

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