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Ricoh MPC2003SP Photocopier / Scanner / Printer, A3, Colour

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Ricoh MPC2003SP Photocopier / Scanner / Printer, A3, Colour

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The Ricoh MPC2003SP Photocopier features impressive speed and paper handling capabilities combined with a unique staple-less stapling function unique to the industry. With multiple fine-tuning options & image stabilisation options the MPC2003SP can also produce exceptional quality images. Additionally the MPC2003SP features an impressive touchscreen remarkably similar to an android or apple tablet making it intuitive for most users. The option to add commonly used functions to the main screen as one-touch options also makes it easy to teach anybody how to use the Ricoh MPC2003SP Photocopier. The many cost saving options combined with the above features make the Ricoh MPC2003SP a flagship model ideal for any office.

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Product Description

The Ricoh MPC2003SP Photocopier is a member of Ricoh’s flagship A3 range of copiers. Built to fulfill the copying needs of offices of all sizes it comes with a whole range of impressive features. With a print speed of 20 pages per minute on both black & white and full colour copies there is no doubt that the MPC2003SP is quick. As well as the impressive features of the smaller A4 options the Ricoh MPC2003SP Photocopier also has finishing options, including revolutionary Ricoh staple-less document production to give you professional looking documents easily.

Easy to Use

With a large operating surface not unlike an Android or Apple tablet, the Ricoh MPC2003SP can be used in a manner that most people will be quickly familiar with. With the option to put frequently used features on the main screen as one-touch icons training for new users is very easy as well as setting up a fleet of copiers to work in the same manor. The touch screen also contributes to the more modern look of the Ricoh MPC2003SP making it more fitting for a modern office.


The Ricoh MPC2003SP Photocopier can be fitted with a 1-bin finishing tray without increasing the footprint of the copier itself. Combined with the impressive paper handling features which include SRA3, paper weights up to 300gsm and even the option for a tray dedicated to printing on envelopes there is no doubt that the MPC2003SP can produce any document you need. Perhaps the most impressive of all the finishing options on the Ricoh MPC2003SP is the staple-less stapler. Using this function the Ricoh MPC2003SP can bind up to 5 pages without using any additional resources. This means a lower cost and faster production of a professional document.

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