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Ricoh MPC306ZSP Photocopier / Scanner / Printer, A4, Colour

  • Ricoh MPC306ZSP Photocopier

Ricoh MPC306ZSP Photocopier / Scanner / Printer, A4, Colour

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The Ricoh MPC306ZSP Photocopier is compact and quiet making it perfect for offices where space is at a premium. With an impressive 10.1 inch touchscreen control panel controlling functions & installing printing apps is as easy as using an smartphone. With the economic features found on most Ricoh photocopiers the MPC306ZSP can also save you a great deal which it comes to printing costs. These features make the Ricoh MPC306ZSP Photocopier an impressive solution to the copying needs of any smaller office with printing requirements.

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The Ricoh MPC306ZSP Photocopier holds the smallest footprint of any copier in the Ricoh range. Designed for offices where space is at a premium the Ricoh MPC306ZSP Photocopier is ideal to be put on a desk or in any corner where it is out of the way. Working quietly means the MPC306ZSP won’t disturb anybody if you have to put on a desk. These features make the Ricoh MPC306ZSP an excellent proposition for anybody with desktop requirements.


Much like its predecessors the Ricoh MPC306ZSP has an impressive print speed reaching 40 pages per minute for black & white prints. Along with this there is a large operating manual providing access to all the printing and connectivity options you could need. Much like with the tablet pc that most people own these days, the 10.1 inch touchscreen can be operated using drag & drop features to control apps, zoom in and make adjustments. This enhances workflow by reducing the time it will take anybody to find the function they need and get their print job completed.


The Ricoh MPC306ZSP comes fitted with many money and energy saving features to reduce your costs across the board. This includes blank sheet printing control ensuring that blank pages are not printed in documents, saving your paper. Alongside this device management capabilities, often only seen on larger machines, mean you can control printing from individuals or groups within your office to prevent over-production of paper work. Along with reducing your copy costs this helps the Ricoh MPC306ZSP Photocopier to be environmentally friendly, a trait which many find appealing in the modern climate.

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