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Ricoh MPC4503SP Photocopier / Scanner / Printer, SRA3, Colour

  • Ricoh MPC4503SP Photocopier
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Ricoh MPC4503SP Photocopier / Scanner / Printer, SRA3, Colour

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The Ricoh MPC4503SP Photocopier designed for the varied needs of the modern office. With finisher options able to handle up to 3,000 sheets and an impressive print speed of 45 pages per minute on both black and white and colour pages the MPC4503SP is definitely functional. The single pass duplex scanner and impressive colour handling found on earlier models only add to an already enticing package. Like all modern Ricoh copiers you'll also find energy saving features and easy operation controls to reduce your costs and provide an overall improved experience for your office staff.

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Product Description

The Ricoh MPC4503SP Photocopier was designed to meet for varying needs of the modern office. With time becoming a major factor in most offices people no longer want to wait for out of house production of documents. This means you’ll need a copier which can produce every type of document quickly and efficiently. With a fast print speed and booklet finishers with a capacity of up to 3,000 sheets the Ricoh MPC4503SP is definitely capable. Alongside this there are also further options including poster print and SRA3 paper handling to provide a truly complete printing experience.


The Ricoh MPC4503SP Photocopier has a base print speed of 45 pages per minute. This alone reduces wait time and means your office will be more streamlined and efficient. To go along with this however, the MPC4503SP comes fitted with a single pass duplex document feeder. This enables reproduction or scanning of double sided documents on a single pass rather than the more traditional double pass, the result is scan speeds up to an impressive 180 images per minute for duplex scans. This increases the speed at which you can use the copy function, but will also make your copier more reliable due to the decreased number of moving parts which could potentially go wrong. While not an immediate concern this will mean less down time in the long run.


The Ricoh MPC4503SP Photocopier offers several different finishers depending on the volume of printing your company is doing. The basic option includes a capacity of 2,000 sheets with the ability to fold, but not staple. Beyond this you can upgrade to one of two different staple finishers with capacities of 1,000 and 3,000 sheets respectively. You also have the option to poster print which puts an image onto multiple sheets enabling for a much larger image over all, when combined with the SRA3 print option this can give a large border-less image.

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