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Ricoh MPC8002SP Photocopier / Scanner / Printer, SRA3, Colour

  • Ricoh MPC8002SP Photocopier
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Ricoh MPC8002SP Photocopier / Scanner / Printer, SRA3, Colour

From £281.54 Per Month

The Ricoh MPC8002SP Photocopier steps up from general office needs into production printing. Associated with this the MPC8002SP has a much higher print quality of 4800dpi, this print quality and the highly polymerised toner give a superb finish to anything you print. This combined with new finishing features such as the flat fold technology allow you to produce in house professional booklets and documents for your company. This helps to reduce costs as no outside printing will be needed and will improve your business image as a whole. Production printing really can improve the standard of your business.

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Product Description

The Ricoh MPC8002SP Photocopier is made to accelerate workflow. Given its size and price it’s clear that this is no general office copier and it’s built to reflect that. The Ricoh MPC8002SP not only handles every print job, but will do so with ease and at a great speed. With print speeds of 80 pages per minute and a wide range not only of finishing options but, also input options the MPC8002SP is certainly versatile. This copier is a step above the rest taking it out of the realm of general office printing and into the world of production printing.

Production Quality

With the step into the production world the Ricoh MPC8002SP Photocopier understandably produces images a step above other machines. The Ricoh has an impressive print resolution of 4800dpi. To go along with this Ricoh uses a new form of toner featuring a highly polymerised design to give smaller toner particles. The real world application of this is that the MPC8002SP is able to make smaller gradiations between colours giving a smoother appearance and a colour range that is as much as 10% wider than that of other copiers. As the MPC8002SP is able to maintain both print and scan speeds even when printing in colour the possibilities for in house document production are greatly increased.


As mentioned above the Ricoh MPC8002SP Photocopier has not only a large number of finishing options but also paper input options. The optional large capacity tray mean a total paper holding capacity of 8,100 sheets. This makes it unlikely that you’ll ever have a job stop mid way through. Like its smaller counterparts the MPC8002SP is capable of handling SRA3 paper with a paper weight of up to 300gsm for simplex print jobs. The finisher shows many of the features on other machines, however it is also capable of finishing on non-standard paper sizes as well as featuring Ricoh’s new flat fold technology. Flat fold gives a more professional looking booklet versus the conventional folding methods.

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