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Below you can find a selection of fully featured photocopiers, which are ideal for a large business who produces a large amount of daily paperwork in Manchester.

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Konica Minolta/Develop Ineo+ 308 - Floor Standing Photocopiers in Manchester

Konica Minolta/Develop Ineo+ 754e Photocopier / Scanner / Printer – View Product

As a multifunctional photocopier, the Develop Ineo+ 754e Photocopier is remarkably intuitive. The Ineo+ 754e has a great speed of printing and copying. The 754e has a smartphone-style operating panel giving easy access a variety of functions. With a range of finishing options, the Ineo+ 754e can perform any office task required – be it stapling, hole-punching or booklet making – all at the click of a button.

From £206.89 Per Month

If your business relies heavily on photocopiers then this is the correct machine style for you. The fully featured machines are packed with the latest technologies and designed to maintain large amounts of copying, scanning and faxing.


At the Copier Shop, we stock a lot of different fully featured photocopiers which all perform in a slightly different way. We know that no two businesses are the same and this is why a fully featured multifunction machine is perfect for individualisation. Each business requires slightly different machines and we can supply this, this is why we are a competitive company in the industry. Our unique-tailor made machine works exactly for how YOU want it. Your specific needs as a customer will be focused on with these photocopiers, this provides a clear focus on customer needs for us.

The easy to use operating panels make these fully featured photocopiers are a major competitor in user-friendliness.  The follow similar trends to what our own smartphones and tablets run. Due to market research and understanding that consumers find the some operating systems too complicated to use, it reduces the time spent learning how to use your new photocopier.

Is this machine right for you?

When purchasing a fully featured machine you need to be certain that the machine is right for you. This photocopier will be perfect for you if you require a large amount of photocopying on a daily basis.


We offer 3 ways to pay for your photocopier, you can either lease, rent or purchase a photocopier.

Leasing – leasing a photocopier usually lasts around 3 – 5 years. Advantages of leasing are you can save capital to invest back into your business by spreading the costs out. You will have the opportunity to have a high-end photocopier but pay over a period of time.

Rental – we offer a rental structure for businesses who are unsure how quickly they are going to grow. This allows you to still use one of our machines but you will not be subject to a long lease deal. This is also a good option for startup businesses who may not have the investment or credit to meet the requirements of a lease.

Purchasing – this option is mainly for businesses who can afford a lump sum outright. Businesses who have had a lot of investment will buy outright, also you still get the same maintenance and service as our lease and rental customers.

Why use the Copier Shop?

We are well known for our exceptional customer service, we always put the customer first. When you use a high-end company you may get a cheap deal but the customer service isn’t always great due to the large number of customers they have. By using a family run business you will receive fast response time, friendly over the phone support and a brilliant service.

Furthermore, we offer a copyplan with every photocopier. The copyplan covers you for any maintenance or servicing of your photocopier, as well as consumables. If you are interested in our service then give us a call.

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