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Where most companies focus on machine sales and service only when it is essential, we are a dedicated servicing company. This means that whether you buy, lease or rent a photocopier from The Copier Shop you can guarantee that it will be kept running. This is possible thanks to a dedicated service team of highly trained engineers with experience on every type of machine, from the newest multifunction photocopiers to old-fashioned duplicators. With more than 20 years of photocopier servicing experience, our engineers are ready to repair any fault on any machine.

Why not take advantage of our hourly charges to have your machine serviced or repaired today. Already have a fault on your machine call us today and we’ll tell you what you’ll need and get the problem sorted. We’re more than happy to get all the parts for you and get you up and running. With an average response time of just 4 hours, our existing customers have found our services to be very useful and extremely satisfying.

We can even diagnose some faults over the phone and let you know how much it would cost to repair the fault. Speak to our service team to get your photocopier up and running again today.

Call us today on 0161 761 3333 to discuss service & repair of your existing or new photocopier equipment.

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