Reconditioned Photocopiers

Below you can find a selection of reconditioned photocopiers on rental, which are ideal for start-up businesses who struggle to get credit in Manchester.

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Reconditioned Photocopiers in Manchester

We have reconditioned photocopier models for rental in Manchester at The Copier Shop. These models are low cost and ex-rental, they are not brand new however they have been serviced and are suitable to be resold, in addition, each machine has been carefully cleaned and tested thoroughly to ensure you will have no problems. Our reconditioned machines are ideal for start-up businesses to the larger outfits. These photocopiers will perfectly suit any budget or requirements your business may have.

Our Service to You

When using our services the invoice will be a total price however within the total price you will be being billed for two different services. These services include your rental of the reconditioned machine itself and then a copy plan. The price structure of our rental machines will be on a monthly basis, this doesn’t mean you will be receiving the machine and you’re on your own. We a fully inclusive print system to keep your machine running frequently throughout your contract. This is charged on a cost per copy basis as a monthly payment. The copy plan includes:

  • Maintenance of the machine from one of our engineers
  • Additional toners
  • Engineers will come out to your business to fit any new drums
  • Over the phone support

These consumables are imperative when renting one of our photocopiers. The cost per copy system is where you pay for each page you print, prices will vary whether you are printing in colour or black and white. Furthermore, your machine will let you know how many copies it has done and it will also tell you when your toner is running low. This makes your life easier so we will be able to tell and then send a replacement quickly so you don’t lose out on your printing needs.

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Here is an example of one of our reconditioned rental photocopiers:

Konica Minolta/Develop Ineo 223 Photocopier - Reconditioned Photocopiers in Manchester

Konica Minolta/Develop Ineo 223 Photocopier / Scanner / Printer / FaxView Product

The Develop Ineo 223 combines the attractive features of a colour copier such as colour scanning with the low price per page of a monochrome photocopier. With smooth grayscale gradations & an intuitive full-colour touchscreen, the Develop Ineo 223 Photocopier is both easy to use and ideally suited to a higher volume office. With many of the finishing options available to the colour photocopiers, the 223 is an excellent proposition for monochrome printing.

22 Pages Per Minute

From £45.00 Per Month