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Lease Photocopiers Manchester

If you want to lease photocopiers then you are on the right website. The Copier Shop offers a wide range of photocopiers to ensure it can fulfill the requirements of every type of business located in Manchester. Our leasing system combined with a unique direct rental system means we are able to offer photocopiers to every business no matter how big or small. We carry a large stock of copiers and are ready to install a new copier almost immediately to suit your companies needs.

Currently, we have 4 main categories which we like to offer to customers. These categories are:

We assure that all of our photocopiers in our warehouse are to the highest standard and the service you will receive from our engineer team will be of the highest caliber. As well as specific models of the machines we also lease via brand. If there is a specific brand you require then give us a call and we will be able to answer any questions. Below are some brands of photocopiers which we can provide.

All of our photocopier deals with clients follow a copy plan. You will pay for the photocopier monthly then also pay for a copy plan monthly. The copy plan consists of cost per copy – this means every page you print out will charge you a fee. However, this fee that you will pay at the end of every month also covers your consumables. For example, if you run out of toner we will replace it when you need it replaced. Even better, our advanced equipment allows us to see whether you are running low on toner so we can replace it without putting a halt on your day to day business. Furthermore, included within the cost per copy plan our engineers are always on hand to maintain your photocopier.

As a company, we work closely with our customers to make sure that you get the best customer service that your business needs. Contact us by using one of our contact forms here or give us a call on 0161 761 3333.

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