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Having multifunction office photocopiers in your office doesn’t just print and photocopy your documents but it offers an improvement in productivity. It has been proven that having a photocopier in your office space can help run the business, keep the cash flow balanced and ultimately save your company money. When you are choosing an office photocopier you need to be wary of a few factors to make the correct choice for your business.

  • How many prints/copies do you think you will do in a month?
  • How much space do you have in your office?
  • Do you need any additional features such as a booklet maker or staple finisher?

Once you are clear on those aspects you will have a good idea of what size/style of photocopier you will require to get the best out of your business.

Different Types of Office Photocopiers

There are different sizes and types of photocopiers which you can choose from. There are desktop, floor standing and fully featured photocopiers:

  • Desktop – these are small A4 machines which are great for saving space, the pages per minute is still high but not as high as a larger machine. They also have the option of black and white or colour
  • Floor Standing – these machines have multiple trays on the bottom, the print per minute count is higher than the desktop. These can also copy and print A3
  • Fully Featured – these machines are the biggest ones we stock. They are jam-packed with different features such as booklet makers, stapling, folding, hole punch and more.

All of our machines are up to date with advanced technology, they are equipped with an operational screen which is similar to our smartphones and tablets we use all year round. They are designed to be very simple to use for customers.

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