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Desktop Photocopiers

Below you can find a selection of desktop photocopiers, which are ideal for small business or those with low volumes of photocopying in Manchester.

Black & White Copiers

Develop Ineo 4020i

Monthly Lease From £20.49 per month

Black & White Copiers

Develop Ineo 4050i

Monthly Lease From £31.61 per month

Black & White Copiers

Develop Ineo 5020i

Monthly Lease From £24.53 per month

Desktop Photocopiers Manchester

We have the right desktop photocopiers for your business here at the Copier Shop. Whether you are looking to lease, rent or buy we will have the solution that is perfect for your business. Each desktop photocopier we stock in our warehouse are of the highest standard in the photocopier industry, these machines are small and powerful. Not to mention advanced with its technology.


All of our available photocopiers vary depending on which model you pick. They can be basic or multifunctional along with advanced features, also they can be mono or colour. All of these factors rely heavily on budget and usage. These desktop photocopiers have similar functionalities that a fully featured one may have but for half the price. And size.


We stock big name brands like Konica Minolta / Develop and Canon. We like to showcase that we can cater for different businesses, they may prefer other brands so by having a selection it gives you a choice.

Is this machine right for you?

We like to understand what you want to gain from a photocopier. This all varies on how much you will be using the machine for various tasks. If you are a company who use photocopiers throughout the day printing and copying large amounts then maybe you will be looking more towards the floor standing or fully featured range.


Leasing a photocopier is a great way to save capital for your business. By spreading the cost of a photocopier lease over 3 – 5 years means you can save money and potentially invest back into your business.


You may be uncertain about how fast your business will grow, this is fine with us. Our rental plan allows businesses to avoid leasing for 3 -5 years and be more flexible. Short term rentals are also an option if you are doing a special project and require a photocopier for a set period of time. We also allow upgrades or additions to your rented machine.


The final option is purchasing a photocopier for a set price. If you have a lot of investment in your company then this option would work for you. By purchasing you still receive the same services as any other option.

Why Choose The Copier Shop?

We have exceptional customer service when it comes to our customers. By using a family run business you don’t only get the service on time but also the care for your product, not to mention our quick response time if you ever need anything repairing. As well as this we have a fantastic sales team who are always happy to answer any questions as well as technical support over the phone to try and fix any problems you may have.

If you have any questions about desktop photocopiers in Manchester then contact us by clicking here. We are always happy to hear from new and existing customers.