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The Develop Ineo+ 3851FS is a fantastic desktop photocopiers for any small to medium-sized businesses. Like many of the develop desktop photocopiers, it has a low energy consumption and an outstanding eco-performance. It has a print and copy speed of 38ppm (pages per minute) for A4 sheets and can print in colour or black & white. It has duplex print and off-line staple finishing.

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Black and White / Colour


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Max Paper Size

Model Name

Develop Ineo+ 3851FS

Pages Per Minute

Printer Type

  • Easy and intuitive panel operation
  • Multi-touch operation similar to smartphone or tablet
  • Individually adaptable operation panel
  • Comprehensive range of security features
  • Low energy consumption and outstanding eco performance
  • Print and copy speed of up to 38ppm A4 in colour and black & white
  • Scanning of up to 35 ipm in colour and black & white
  • Fax with Super G3 fax option for fast transmission and digital reception, polling, time shift, PC-Fax, receipt to confidential box, receipt to e-mail, FTP, SMB
  • Standard embedded controller with 1.2 GH

Also known as a Konica 3851FS

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